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iWishfor is a free social gifting app and website that makes giving the perfect gift fun and easy. With the iWishfor app, you can save and share gift ideas with friends and family; anytime, anywhere and for any occasion.

With the iWishfor app, you can easily collect gift ideas for yourself or a loved one simply by taking a picture or scanning the barcode of the product. Share your gift ideas or keep them secret; it's up to you! You can also see what other people are saving to inspire your own ideas.

How Does the App Work

When you see a gift idea that you want to remember later, simply add product by scanning the barcode or taking a picture of the product within the app using the Add Wish" button. You can also add notes and other information about the product. Choose the appropriate person's list to add the gift idea to. Inviting loved ones to join iWishfor will allow you to see their lists of gift ideas.

Use the iWishfor website to add gift ideas as you browse. With a simple click of a button, you can add your favorite gift ideas to your personal iWishfor page. Those items will also appear on your iWishfor app. Your page of gift ideas can be shared with anyone, even if they don't have the app.

iWishfor Team

Ian Hancock is the Founder/CEO of iWishfor. He has worked in the Education sector for 13 years as technology coordinator/facilitator and administrator working on integrating new technology into schools and curriculum. Ian has a Masters in Technology with a focus on online social networks and how they affect group think. He has also worked in Web Development for the last 6 years as Communications and Business Admin. Ian loves fine wines, travelling, singing in community choirs, listening to his vast music collection and spending time with his kids.

Fun fact: Ian has appeared in numerous musicals including an appearance in Into The Woods at the Edmonton Fringe Festival, the largest theatre festival in North America.

Nathan Leggatt is Co-Founder of iWishFor (CTO). His role is to oversee product development, programming, database and server architecture as well as managing the addition of innovative product features to keep iWishfor ahead of the competition. Previous to iWishFor, he was CEO of ImageSpike, an interactive image markup company, and previous to that ran a web development company for 12 years completing work for companies across the world. Previous software that he has developed includes: Flight Safety Management Systems, Student Intervention Management, Custom CMS, Custom Document Portals and Highly scale-able server architecture for ImageSpike. Nathan loves collecting fine wine, making and decorating masterpiece cakes with his wife and boating.

Fun fact: Nathan and his wife are cake baking/decorating masters.

Tyler Schwartz is the lead developer on the team. He has been a web developer for over 10 years with experience in the financial industry. He loves snowboarding, waterskiing, travelling and thai food.

Fun fact: Tyler waterskied for the first time a couple of weeks ago. The whole team agrees that he was a natural.